Luxe Class

Available in: Moscow, Saint Petersburg

For those who expect the best. Experience the luxury and exclusivity of a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class with a single tap. Enjoy our sublime Wheely service with the added benefit of the Maybach's sophisticated looks and unsurpassably comfortable interior. The very essence of modern luxury.

Vehicle and capacity

An impeccably maintained, latest model Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, expertly driven by a Wheely chauffeur. Your Luxe vehicle can comfortably seat three passengers, while the boot has plenty of space for all your travel essentials, including three large pieces of luggage.

Passenger and luggage capacity varies by city. Find out more on how to request a car with enough luggage space.

Standard equipment

Your chauffeur will adjust the temperature and music to your preference. Easily access your Wheely amenities in the armrest. Relax with a bottle of water whilst you recharge your phone.

Special features

Whether you’re travelling with luggage, ski and sports equipment, musical instruments or even wheelchairs, our first-class vehicles have extended boot capacity to store all of your items. For passengers, the travel experience is elevated with adjustable massage seats, panoramic sunroofs, in-built entertainment, and pillows for a restful sleep on the move.

You can order the perfect pick up in Wheely app. Available for iOS and Android.